Capt. Dave Wilson's Fishing Charters
Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fishing Reports


Fishing continues to be good. We have been fishing a little closer to shore. I don’t think we have been past 200 foot of water in the past couple of weeks. The salmon have been coming on pretty much the same stuff. E-chips and Flies,  a few spoons and some cutbait have been the ticket. It is almost time to put on the brakes and do the slow troll. I ran into some staging fish the other night, top right photo. Most of these Kings were caught in 64 degree water. This is the heaviest catch of kings I have had this year. It was around a 23lbs average with the largest being 28 lbs. There is also a Coho in the mix.




So the $20,000 derby starts this Friday. If you’re fishing please get a ticket. Remember everyone in your party has to have a ticket. If that is not the case the fish can’t be entered in the derby. Here are the dates I have open during the Derby: Aug 17 (pm), Aug 26 (pm),  Aug 31(am), Sept 1 (am, pm), Sept 2(pm). If you’re interested in a date let me know. Sorry for the short report things are busy. I will try to get something out in the next week.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson




Things can change very fast. In my last report on Tuesday I mentioned we were fishing Browns, but the Kings will be here soon.  All we needed was a little bit of a wind change. When I got to the marina yesterday afternoon there were some rumors of large amounts of bait off shore in 600 foot of water. We had to go look. Left the dock at 1:30 and arrived to the area 20 mins later. As I was running 23 knots, 6 miles from shore, I was marking large pods of bait in the thermocline. We put on the breaks a started to troll. During the trip we took 13 strikes and landed 12 fish. Eleven were Kings and one Steelhead. One of the Kings was the largest fish we caught this year and probably the largest fish we have ever caught this early in the season. The Salmon was 41.5 inches and 33 lbs.


He came on a white/green dot Spinny with an Atommik Hammer Fly, 250 out on the Dipsy. The initial run was out to 610 ft. We chased him down. The fight lasted 20 mins or so. We won!!!

The rest of or fish came on a combination of spoons, meat, and flies anywhere from 65 to 100 down over 400 to 600 foot of water. Our Loc Derby is right around the corner. It starts August 17 and runs to Labor Day. This fish would be in the top 3 right now if tickets were purchased for the summer one. It is everyone’s choice to get in or not. Usually it only hurts if you don’t get a ticket. You never know what you are going to run into when you’re out there. The fall derby pays $20,000. It’s going to be a exciting Fall.



Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson




As you can see we have been doing a little Brown trout fishing. Over the last week and a half we have had a lot of Northeast and East winds. These winds have created a lot of currents in the lake and spread out the Kings and bait. We decided our trips would be more successful if we fished for trout. Although we did do a trip Saturday and did catch some nice Kings and finished the trip up with Browns.


We have been fishing both East and West of the harbor. The depth of water has been different every time we have fished them.What we are looking for is where 60 degrees hits the bottom and it is also nice to see some bait around. We mostly fish spoons when fishing for these trout. If the water is deep enough we run two spoons on each rod. Occasonaily we will try a fly with an E-chip. 

This fish below came on a Atommik Fly / E-Chip combo on a 300 copper. One of the nicest looking Browns we have ever caught. A true trophy.

We also had a new mark set by the young man below. Noah is the youngest fisherman to ever land not only a fish, but four of the six fish, him and his grandfather caught on their trip. He is 5. You couldn’t have scrubbed the smile of his face. 


Looking ahead a little we will have the opportunity to do a little more Brown fishing but that will end soon. Then it will be time to go after the Kings that will be staging in front of the river.  As soon as our winds turn back to the West things should set up very quickly. It could happen any day. Openings for the month of August are starting to get thin. If you’re thinking about a trip now is the time to call for dates.

Tight Line,

Capt. Dave Wilson




We hit a new temperature record today, 97 degrees, that is almost as hot as the fishing has been. Salmon , Steelhead, Browns, whatever you’re looking for has been around. We have been fishing anywhere from 100 to 600 foot of water from the harbor to West Nine mile. That is a pretty wide band of water, but you have to find the bait to find the salmon. The bait has been moving a bit.  E-chips and A-tom-mik Flies have been the hot item. We have caught some kings on spoons also, but the flies have been going 3 to 1.


We will have the option of fishing both Kings and Brown for another couple of weeks. Usually after the second week of August we couldn’t catch a Brown if we wanted to, they just seem to stop feeding. Then we become dedicated to stopping the salmon from getting in the river. Slow trolling flies and meat rigs. We put up a real good defense.


One thing that is in the near future is the Fall LOC Derby. Once again it is a $20,000 prize for the largest fish caught from August 17th  to Labor Day. It also pays down 20 places for each division. If you have a charter booked during this time don’t forget to get your tickets. If your interested in fishing in it I do have a few openings left, a couple on the weekends.


Our first Walleye Spring season charters have been a great success. Last week, fishing both Saturday and Sunday morning, I netted 45 walleyes in two outings. Amazing fishing. I do have openings on the weekend of July 28th and 29th  because of a cancellation. I could do trips on either lake. This will be the last weekend fishing Oneida until the fall. Trips will start back up for Walleye’s in the beginning of October. If you’re interested in a charter please giving me a call or respond to this email.



Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson



Things are still going very well on Lake Ontario. Two Brown trout trips produced 10 Browns on  each trip ,with a combined total of 5 Browns 10lbs or better. We had a light south wind both days with some green water along the Western shoreline. We fished 14 to 25 foot of water west of the harbor from Rudy’s to the Junk Yard. Smithwick stick baits, black silver with the white belly, and Michigan Stingers Tuxedos were the key lures. Sticks off the boards and spoons off the riggers and dipsy rods. The dipsy rods were out 25 foot on a 3 setting, up close and personal strikes.

Over the weekend the silver fish showed back up. We fished 90 to 130 foot of water just west of the harbor. The hits were coming on 3 and 4 color leadcores, riggers were 25 to 55 foot down and 150 and 200 foot coppers. We took 2 Browns, 5 Steelhead between 8 and 13 lbs and many young Kings with one mature King. All the younger Kings were released except for two that wouldn’t have made it. We were also into 4 more adult Kings that never hit the net.   

The Kings showed back up because of two reasons. Most important is the bait has returned. The other reason is the lake has settled from all the different wind directions we have been having.  The lake should level out and fishing should be pretty consistent real soon. July is right around the corner which brings us great Salmon and Brown trout fishing at the same time. Sometimes time we can catch them mixed together. It is a great time to fish. If you’re thinking about a trip give me a call or cast me an email.



Tight Lines,


Capt. Dave Wilson




I figured we would talk a little Walleye fishing in this report. We have been on the drift anywhere from 10 to 35 foot of water. Usually starting shallow in the mornings moving to deeper water as the day progressed. Any evening fishing I have done recently has been in the deep water. We have been pulling worm rigs on the up wind side of the drift and jigging the downwind side. The jigging has  mostly been with the Bass Pro XPS blade bait and some Bucktail jigs tipped with worms. The blades have been the ticket.

There has been other fish mixed in with our catch which have been: Smallmouth Bass, Sheephead, Sunfish and Perch.



Walleye trips will be continuing for about another 4 to 5 weeks. Then things start to get busy on Lake Ontario. If you’re interested in a little hands on fishing. Give me a call or cast me an email.



Hello from the warming waters of Lake Ontario. Surface temps are on the rise and things are starting to move a bit off shore. If the weather continues to be as warm as it has been we should be getting a thermocline very soon. We are currently fishing anywhere from  15 to 40 foot for Brown trout. Lake trout have been coming in 100 to 130 foot of water. It really depends which direction the wind is coming from that day. 

We have lost the Kings for the most part for a little while, but the trout fishing has been good. The Kings  didn’t go far though, they seem to be in 250 foot near the bottom waiting the lake to set up. The one thing that we have in our favor is the enormous about of bait we have right now. The predators are never too far from the grocery store. They have to eat some day.

We our still fishing mostly a spoon program. Along the shoreline first thing in the morning we are running boards with stick baits, but once the sun gets up we change to leadcore with spoons. Lake trout have been coming on Bells with a Fireplug. A Fireplug is an older lure, best Laker lure ever made. That must be why they stopped making  them.


Summer charters are just around the corner. Things are going to start getting a little busy. If you are thinking about taking a trip, now is the time to book . Especially if it is a weekend. Hope to see you on the water.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson




By the photo’s below you would think it was August. The King Salmon fishing is incredible. Don’t miss it.


We are fishing in 60 to 100 foot of water right in front of Oswego Harbor. The influence of the river water has kept these fish here for weeks. It has been an all spoon bite. Medium to small R&R spoons and Michigan Stingers have been the ticket. Glows in the early morning then changing to brighter colors once the sun comes up. I have also been running lighter lines than I would later in the season due to the water clarity.


We are also still doing browns along the shoreline with a King or two mixed in. This fishing is taking place in 6 to 20 foot,  East or West of the harbor. It really hasn’t made a difference which way the boats have went. The lake has good water in both directions and bait. We have been using typical brown lures. The best being Smithwick stick baits off the boards with no weight.

On to Lake Oneida, where the Walleye fishing has been on fire. Some of you may know the two guy’s in the picture. Conner is my fulltime mate on Ontario and Bobby helps me from time to time. Bobby and I do a lot of fishing and hunting together. The three of us went out the other morning in 22 to 30 foot of water and jigged up a limit of 9 walleyes. Sorry I couldn’t hold 3 and take the photo at the same time. All the fish we caught were spawned out and they are hungry, not  one of them had bait in it. We also did a little pan fishing, catching many Sunfish with some Bass and Pickerel mixed in. That is when Bob caught this Sunfish that ate its brother, it weighed just under a pound. Lake Oneida is known for its large pan fish.


If you are interested in fishing either Lake now is the time to book. Give me a call or cast me an email. Hope to see you on the lake soon.



The 2012 season has officially begun and what a start it has been. We have done several trips at this point but I have one that has taken the show. Usually this time of year we are in Brown Trout mode, which there is still incredible trout fishing. I asked Jack and Fran if they wanted to go for Kings instead of Browns and as you can see they did. We had the best King Salmon spring trip we have ever had. In the first hour we hooked up 16 times, landing a bunch. We usually run a 7 rod program for Kings but on this trip 7 was too many. So we cut it back to 5 because we couldn’t handle all the strikes. We fished about 5 hours of the 6 hour trip hooked up 30 times landing 20 kings. Conner and I even got to do battle with a few.

These Salmon being around was not just a one day thing. They have been around for a few weeks. This doesn’t happen often, usually it only takes place when we have a warm winter like the past one. If you want to get into some spring Kings, now is the time to book. I do have an opening this Sunday.


This past Saturday was the Walleye opener for NY State. We started your first Walleye charter ever at 5:00 am Freemac Marina on Lake Oneida. Ran down to Maple Bay and jigged Sonar’s in 10 to 14 foot water. We caught 15 Walleyes all legal size, keeping our limit. On the way back to the barn we stopped and fished Pickerel keeping eight. I will be doing Walleye trips May, June and into the beginning of July. The trips will pick back up in October and ending in December. If you are interested in a trip give me call or respond to this email.