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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fishing Reports





Sept. 2, 2008
Here it is September 2, 2008 and we are fishing in 80 to 100 foot of water right in the front door of the Oswego Harbor. The Lowrance graph I have on the boat looks like it is in demo mode by the number of the marks on the screen. I wish I had a picture of the screen last night, we had at least five kings swimming through the riggers at the same time. The anticipation of a strike when that happens is incredible. It looks like our Kings are going to average around 21lbs this year. The largest we have taken has been 31lbs. There are staging kings now, and kings that have not started staging yet. As can be told by the pictures below.
2008 138w.jpg2008 117w.jpg
We have been spending most of our time fishing Atommik  Flies with E-chip and Spin Doctor attractors. Fishing was best about 6 miles to the east of Oswego at the beginning of last week and has moved closer to the river as the week progressed. We have also been use spoons and J-Plugs. We caught our first ever steelhead on a #4 plug the other day. The fish jumped 10 times before it met Conner at the net.
2008 149w.jpg2008 144w.jpg
Well we have about three plus weeks left in the season. As time progresses we will finish the season fishing in and around the harbor. I do have some available  dates open if anyone is thinking about take a trip out. Also if I owe any one pictures from their trips in the last few weeks please send me an email and I will get them to you. I think I have sent them all but just to make sure. We have had double trips for the last few weeks and lack of sleep sometimes gives me lack of memory.
Tight Lines,
Capt. Dave Wilson


August 19,2008 


That time of the season has begun where the kings have shown up in the front door of the river. No more traveling 5 miles or more to get them, they have begun their staging. We have been fishing just east of the Oswego river where the river water is mixing with the lake water. The kings are on their big feed before they make their final journey. All the fish in these pictures were caught on Atommik flies trolled behind E-Chips and Spin Doctors. This time of year we slow things down and getting the Kings to come off the bottom to take the bait. The fish on the upper right has clear signs of being on the bottom by the looks of his red belly.
2008 110w.jpg
I have been trying to take more pictures on the water this year then at the dock. I just forgot to do it in the trip below. We also didn’t have time to take any pictures the first few hours we were out. Well we landed the 6 in the photo and this is what else happened. We lost one to a downrigger cable, two bit through 50lb flourocarbon, two straightened out hooks and we lost a couple more in battle. We had a busy afternoon. Then it was like someone turned off the switch and they stop biting for the last two hours. That is how salmon fishing can be sometimes.
2008 105w.jpg
And then there was this one. The King came on the 400ft copper with a fly right off the back of the boat. It took two of us to hold it up. It’s a good thing Patty was strong.
8.17 & 8.17w.jpg
I did had a cancellation tonight for the mornings of Aug. 30 and Aug 31. This is a Saturday and Sunday morning. I can do either 6 or 8 hour trips on these dates. It is also during the $20,000 derby if you are interested. I will try to keep you posted as the season continues during its busiest time.
Tight Lines,
Capt. Dave Wilson




July 31,2008

It’s that part of the season where we start thinking about our run of salmon. As you can see in the picture below, the Kings are very healthy this year. They will start  staging in front of the river very soon. They are typically there for the next 6 to7 weeks, waiting for the river water to get to the right temperature to complete their life cycle. Their only obstacle will be the fisherman hoping to cut that cycle short. At this time we have been fishing from West Nine Mile Point to Four Mile point anywhere from 150 to 350 foot of water. Depending on the winds the temperature has been down 90 to 120 feet.
2008 097w.jpg
I figured I would put in a picture of a Brown trout catch we had last week. They asked for Browns so we fished for them. The browns are starting to get their  beautiful colors. The picture doesn’t do much justice to how colored up the Browns were.  We have been fishing the trout in 70 to 100 feet. The best temperature to catch them has been 63 to 67 degree water. That is why they have their colors. The Browns in the spring are in that really cold water ,41 to 55, which at that time they are silver. The trout have been coming on spoons, spoons and more spoons right on the bottom.
2008 091w.jpg
I have had two more cancellations on weekend days in August. One of them is a morning and the other an afternoon. I also have 2 spots for a 5 hour trip in September because the other trip that day is a long one. I’m really looking forward to the next month and a half. I’m like a kid in a candy shop this time of year. Look forward to seeing you on the water soon.
Tight Lines,
Capt. Dave Wilson


 July 7th, 2008

Last Friday we decided to see what lurked in the depths. We had a day off and went and did some playing. I had to make sure the Kings were there before we charter for them. In the last week some Kings have been showing up and some nice ones at that. The summer tournament is being led out of Oswego. The leading salmon is 29.9lbs and there has been several more caught in the mid 20’s. Friday we fished a few hours and caught three Kings and a nice steelhead. We also lost another King.  They were 15,17 and 20 lbs. We fished all over, never working one area. I just wanted to take a look around. We went as far as 6.5 miles out just having a good time and fishing with no pressure. Here are two of the three Kings we caught.
2008 074w.jpg
The thermocline is setting up and is about 80ft down right now. It’s that time of the year where we start more King fishing and less Browns. I had to take the lighter lines off the boat last week because the Spiny Water Fleas are starting to show up. We will fish with 20lb for the browns and 30lb. for the Kings. I have a few Brown trout trips to do yet and a lot of king trips to go. We are looking forward to the King fishing this year.  The reports coming from Canada  are great. We are going to have BIG fish this year. I predict a lot of 30lb + Kings this summer. Hope to see you on the water soon.
Tight Lines ,
Capt. Dave Wilson
May 15,2008

Hello my fellow fishermen,

Back to what’s happening on the lake. It is that Brown trout time of the year and the fishing has been good. This last Friday was our best morning yet. Jason Putman and friends were able to boat their limit of brown trout Friday morning and then some. The conditions could not have been any better the temp was 50 to 53 degrees in 10 to 15 foot of water from Wine Creek to Four Mile point, with a NW wind. We ran stickbaits off the boards and R&R spoons off the riggers. All our strikes came no lower in the water column then 8 feet. Our largest fish of the morning was a Brown that weighted in at 10 lbs.


2008 050w.jpg2008 049w.jpg


That afternoon the winds changed to the East and the water started to cool, which gave us different conditions for the next day. The next morning the temp was in the high forties. We fished the same area with John Rudd and his family. They were able to land 6 nice browns and we had five other strikes that we left behind for the next time we go out.


2008 053w.jpg


Sunday’s fishing was the toughest. The old saying “when the wind is from the east the fishing is the least” came true. Sunday morning we landed a brown around six and that was it for the browns. The east wind lowered the shoreline temperature 9 degrees and that was enough to shut things down. The guy’s on the trip decided to go out and take a chance for Kings around 7:30 am. We found them had one strike and that is the end of that day. The Kings just didn’t want to play. We tried everything. Headache day for me. We had a wind switch that night and things got back to normal. The next day we went 7 for 13 on Browns and  Steelhead.


If anyone is looking for an opening on a weekend date in May, I had a cancellation.


Tight Lines,


Capt. Dave Wilson



April 28, 2008

The 2008 season is upon us.  I figured I would start the fishing reports out with a few pictures of the smallest fish you will see all year. Our 2008 net pen project fish were delivered to us last Friday. We got 20,000 Steelhead and 40,000 King salmon delivered to the pens around 10:00am. The Steelhead were anywhere from  4 to 8 inches and the Kings were around 2 inches. These pens will be fed by the captains of the marina 5 times a day until the water temperature hits 63 degrees. The salmon are delivered to us before they smolt. Smolting is the process they go through to become imprinted to the river. So every one of the Kings will return to this river to spawn in three years, if we don’t get them first. 


This project is funded by donations, raffles, ELOSTA, DEC and Oswego County. This winter we ordered new nets for the pens at a cost of $3,500. A group of captains and volunteers spent a weekend removing the old nets and installing the new.  It takes a combined effort of the DEC and Charter Captains to make this project a success. It takes a lot of time and money, but the return has been tremendous. They are our fish of the future.


 A few hours after the fish were delivered my boat went back in the water. Test day for the new power,640 horses of new power that is.  Conner and I spent Sat. getting everything back on the boat. Sunday we did our shake down and we are ready to go. Charters start this weekend.  The Brown trout fishing has been great. I have been out 4 times in the last week. The size of the Browns are a little bigger then years past. Maybe because they figured out how to eat the Round Gobby’s. We caught a brown on Saturday that must have had 20 of them in it. We have already had several Browns over 9lbs with the largest being 10.25. We also managed to take a nice Steelhead on Sunday afternoon.


I will start putting out reports every week, now until the end of the season. As always if you have any questions about the fishery or the lake please send an email or call. I’m really looking forward to the start of the season this weekend. Don’t forget about the LOC derbies. The first one starts next Friday. Maybe we can place in it again this year.


Tight Lines,


Capt. Dave Wilson