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Salmon Charters

 Typically our salmon fishing on Lake Ontario starts around the end of June, although there are some years we catch them earlier. These fish are targeted with a mix of spoons, cut bait and flies. We troll with a mix of downrigger’s,  dipsy’s and coppers. Our average salmon in the months of  July, August and September is around 20 pounds with some Kings getting into the 30's. 

Brown Trout Charters

Our season always begins with Brown Trout fishing in April. We troll along the shoreline with a mix of spoons and stickbaits in pockets of water that are warmer than the rest of the lake. Our Brown trout season runs until the end of July. An average Brown is around 6 lbs and we do catch them up into the high teens. This is an exciting way to fish because there is usually a lot of action.

Walleye Charters

Our charters begin the 1st Saturday in May and runs to the middle of July.  The lake is about 21 miles long and about 5 miles wide with an average depth of 22 feet, a Walleye fishing paradise. We target these fish by drifting, casting jigs, sonars and worm rigs. On most charters we have a bi-catch of Perch, Bass, Pickerel, Catfish, Sheepshead and even hook into a Sturgeon once in a while.  


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